Cary Masjid

Cary Masjid
31 Jan 2013


The Islamic Association of Cary was established in 2004 by a few people who wanted a place of worship in the Cary,NC vicinity.Later on in that year a land was purchased to construct a Masjid as the permanent home.It is under construction, and Insha Allah soon we will have a place of our own. It is a place of worship which is open to all Muslims who practice the religion taught by Prophet MuhammadSAW and as practiced by the four Khulafah Rashideen. However,the base practices of the Masjid as described by Imam Abu HanifahRA.The Masjid also focuses on the spiritual part of Islam for excellence in worship – known as “Ihsaan.”

1076 W. Chatham Street , Cary
(919) 460-6496



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